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MIGRANTHREE is a metal band formed in Barcelona by immigrants from Venezuela and Brazil that as core concept, wants to leverage on the distinct influences of each member mixing ideas and style of playing to create its own identity of metal music.

The band’s style can be classified as New Metal, however the blending of the members influences such as Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Grunge, Punk and Progressive gives a distinct personality to the band’s songs.

Released Songs

Song: Not a Step Back

Released on: 02 of September of 2022

Also available on:

Not a Step Back - Playthrough

Guitar Playthough by Osca Salas

Bass Playthrough by Evandro "Buoro Bass"

Band Members

Vocal: Leonardo Chimienti


Guitar: Oscar Salas


Drums: Angel Salas


Bass: Evandro "Buoro Bass"


### The End... It is just the beginning. ###